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I am using spring MVC with Hibernate

My Query is that when a Controller return some data to a view using Model, as defined below

@RequestMapping(value = "/finGeneralJournalAdd", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public String finGeneralJournalAdd(Model model) {

    model.addAttribute("srcDocumentList", pt.getAll(FinSourceDocumentModel.class));
    model.addAttribute("currencyList", pt.getAll(GenCurrencyModel.class));
    model.addAttribute("batchList", pt.getAll(FinBatchModel.class));

    return "fin/finGeneralJournalAdd";

Certain parameters should be attached to Model by default on every return.i.e CurrencyId

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If I understand your question, that's exactly what @ModelAttribute is for (docs). You add a method to the controller that is called everytime before a handler method is called. The return value is added to the model.

public Integer currencyId(...) {
    return currencyId;

If that should happen for every controller you can define it in an @ControllerAdvice-annotated class.

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You can use the postHandle method of a Spring HandlerInterceptor.

See this blog for an example of how to implement a HandlerInterceptor

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