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I'm currently working on Yii SQL Injection. I have the following command sql command to run:

SELECT p.email, p.email_secret, p.verificationcode, r.name
        FROM personal p
        JOIN profile r
        ON p.email='example@example.com'

I have written the following code with yii:

        $command->select('p.email, p.email_secret, p.verificationcode, r.name');
        $command->from('personal p');
        $command->join('profile r', 'p.email = r.email');
        $command->where('p.email=:email', array(':email'=>'yeoh.chan1@gmail.com'));

I would like to know where this would be vulnerable SQL Injection and if so, what would be a better approach to deal with table joinings.

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Since this has no variables in it, there is no possibility for SQL injection. However, I am guessing that you are planning to pass the email address in as a parameter, and since you have the :email parameter marker you are safe.

Just a tidbit here, you don't have to repeat $command-> on every line. You can write it like this:

    $command->select('p.email, p.email_secret, p.verificationcode, r.name')
        ->from('personal p')
        ->join('profile r', 'p.email = r.email')
        ->where('p.email=:email', array(':email'=>'yeoh.chan1@gmail.com'));

This works because all the statement clauses (except distinct) return the command object, and can be strung together. If you need distinct, you can make ->setDistinct() the last item in the chain.

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But is there a better way to do it, or is this enough? –  user288231 Jun 30 '13 at 5:09
using the parameter markers and passing in an array of parameters is the correct way. –  jmarkmurphy Jun 30 '13 at 5:20

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