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I want to create ContactUs form in jsp through which user can ask any query from my website.
Basically want the the question to get send to MS-OUTLOOK email id's(2-3).
I've done the same under .net by smtp but facing problem under jsp.

Found the following links but still not working for me, these links ask for adding library.
Done the same and added libraries undet NETBEAN IDE Project which resolved all the errors related to library but the mail is not sending.(the links are sending email to gmail, yahoo ids, but not outlook).One of the link is also showing this errors:

sending email by JSP code

Links which I tried:



The form is like this(which I want to create) with a submit button:


The message at the end should come like "mail sent"

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comment guys, please –  Aman Chawla Jun 30 '13 at 15:36
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