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Imagine following problem: on clicking at any image on a specific page I want to change the icon of current extension on the images' thumbnail. To create a thumbnail dynamically is not an issue, it's just that I want to add some animation. Basically, I want the image I've clicked to be transited to the place where current extension icon is drawn, gradually becoming smaller.

So the main question is: is it even possible to implement such kind of animation purely in chrome-extension? In other words, can I position a DOM element (or a just a visual region, whatever) to intersect with address bar.

I guess, I also should know the exact position of current extension icon in toolbar, but this is less important.

So, is it even possible?

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It's impossible to place arbitrary content over the omnibox.

The closest you can get is the animation of a page action (which resides inside the omnibox). You can pass the data directly from a <canvas> element, for an optimal performance. See chrome.pageAction.setIcon.

Note that you can only use a browser action OR page action, not both, so scrap this solution if you're already using a browser action badge.

Yet another solution is to use history.replaceState to visually change the URL of the current page (the domain can't be changed, but the path can). This has to be done from a content script. This allows you to "animate" the whole omnibox, by changing characters. I recommend to not use this method though, because it's abuse of the feature.

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