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I'm new to eclipse CLP and I want to implement a predicate that gets all the angles equivalent to a specific sinusoidal function, something like

:- lib(ic).
solve(L) :-
L = [X,Y,Z],
cos(X) #= sin(Y) + sin(Z),

I know that this scheme probably works for integral values of the variables; so I need an alternative solution that also uses CLP.

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Ok I figured it out,

V = [X,Y,Z],
V::[0 .. 180],
cos(X*pi/180) $= sin(Y*pi/180) + sin(Z*pi/180),

N.B: the cos and sin predicates work with radians

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Trigonometric function arguments are in radians.

Use the formula Rad = Degree * pi / 180 to convert.

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