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Is it possible to use one monodevelop solution, which will be used in two unity3d projects?

Why do I need this? I have two almost the same projects (code is the same) with different graphics. I'd like to change code in one place...

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This is a really broad question. I suggest looking around the Unity forums. –  jahroy Jul 1 '13 at 3:38

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According to this, a source versioning software such as GIT or SVN will be a good approach.

An alternate view presented here is to compile the code into a central DLL that can be shared and used across both projects. This is cumbersome, however, if you will be making many changes as you will have to re-add the dll's to each project every time changes is made (other than that, I would prefer this method). You can see details on this approach here.

Hope it helped!

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