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I use htc explorer and I have created a adhoc network on my laptop,while other laptops are easily able to connect to it and my mobile is not even detecting the wifi

Could anyone please give me the solution to connect my mobile to the wifi hotspot

Thanks in advance

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There is an alternative solution involving "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter":

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=NAME key=PASSWORD
netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

For additional details and troubleshooting see this post on XDA-developers:

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yeah it works !! – Abhigyan Mar 30 '15 at 6:13

Ad Hoc networks are not supported natively by Android devices, unless you get your device rooted and make some tricks in the underlying linux system.

There are a lot of pages talking about that:

You can try this at your risk:

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