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I have a Listbox that contains a list of items where each items have a combobox. enter image description here

I loop though all my items in the listbox, and i would like to get the selected item of the combobox for each item in my listbox. How can i do this?

How i currently fetch it out

private void StartConvertionButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

private void RunNextVideo()
    var nextFile = viewModel.Files.Where(x => x.IsWorking == false).FirstOrDefault();
    if(nextFile == null)

    DeviceQualityModel quality = (DeviceQualityModel) DeviceQualityComboBox.SelectedItem;
    //Subtitle subtitle = nextFile
    var test = FileListBox.Items;

    VideoProcessing videoProcessing = new VideoProcessing(nextFile, ffmpegWrapper, viewModel, quality, new Subtitle());
    videoProcessing.Done += VideoProcessingOnDone;

    var thread = new Thread(videoProcessing.Run);

Here is my wpf listbox

<ListBox Grid.Row="1" Margin="0,10,0,0" ItemsSource="{Binding Files, Mode=TwoWay}" x:Name="FileListBox" HorizontalContentAlignment="Stretch">
                        <ColumnDefinition Width="*" />
                        <ColumnDefinition Width="100" />

                    <StackPanel Grid.Column="0">
                        <TextBlock Text="{Binding Filename}" FontSize="15" />
                        <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" >
                            <TextBlock Text="Width: " FontSize="12" />
                            <TextBlock Text="{Binding Width}" FontSize="12" />
                            <TextBlock Text=" Height: " />
                            <TextBlock Text="{Binding Height}" FontSize="12" />
                        <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path}" FontSize="9" />
                        <ComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding Subtitles, Mode=TwoWay}"  Visibility="{Binding HaveSubtitles, Converter={StaticResource localVisibilityConverter}}" IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem="True" SelectedIndex="1">
                                    <TextBlock Text="{Binding Language}"/>
                        <ProgressBar Height="10"  IsIndeterminate="True" Visibility="{Binding IsWorking, Converter={StaticResource localVisibilityConverter}}" Width="Auto"/>

                    <Button Grid.Column="1" Margin="10,0,0,0" Click="RemoveButton_Click">Remove</Button>
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It's "conversion" by the way... and i would not watch that anime :P –  H.B. Jun 30 '13 at 11:51

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Bind the SelectedItem of your ComboBox to a property on your item, then you can get it from there.

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