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I have an issue on a client machine that seems to be interferring with a word addin that ive built.

When any word document opens on the client machine, a second blank document opens also.

Ive seen this issue on a number of different machines but havent seen an explanation as to why.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour in word and have you managed to stop the second document opening?


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Does the problem really only manifest when you have the addin installed? How is the addin delivered? –  bmargulies Nov 15 '09 at 22:37
the problem is a word issue, its not caused by the addin, rather i believe its affecting the behaviour of teh addin, which is why im trying to solve it. –  boz Nov 15 '09 at 23:04

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If this issue is happening regardless of whether or not your addin is installed, perhaps the user has a strange macro running in their default template file (normal.dot)?

You could try replacing normal.dot with a version from a machine which doesn't have the problem to see if that helps!?

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If you are delivering your addin as a .dot, it is very easy to accidentally set it up to have a document in it that opens. This, of course, assumes that the problem follows the addin. If it does not follow the addin then you don't have a programming problem.

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true, i dont have a programming problem. This issue happens without the addin installed. Its a generic word issue that seems to be affecting my addin, not the other way round –  boz Nov 15 '09 at 23:02

It happens to me in Windows Explorer when the preview pane is enabled on it. If you double-click a word document then 2 instances of Word open, one of them is with empty document. Disabling the preview pane eliminates the problem.

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