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Using gVim. Please help me redirect output of external ! commands to a Vim register on my Windows laptop. Here's a specific example:

On my Linux desktop, !python % will execute python file_in_active_buffer and display the output in a Vim pane. I can capture this output in a Vim register with redir@a then "put" it with (normal mode)"ap.

On my Windows laptop, !python % will execute python file_in_active_buffer and display the output in a vimrun.exe window. How can I redir(ect) this output to a Vim buffer?

This is what happens when I try redir on my Windows laptop:

# filename test. py
print("this prints on vimrun.exe")

>>> :redir@a
>>> !python %
>>> "ap
"test.py" 2L, 56C written
"test.py" 2L, 56C written

:!python test.py

-- INSERT ---- INSERT ---- INSERT ---- INSERT --
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did you try using redir? if you did what happened? –  FDinoff Jun 30 '13 at 16:40
Added output when I try redir. Thank you. –  Shay Jul 1 '13 at 0:14
As an alternative, you can use :read !python myfile.py to read into a buffer, from which you could do as you please. –  Codie CodeMonkey Jul 1 '13 at 0:39

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:redir capture vim's mesasge, not output of external commands. If you want to capture that, use system().

let output = system(printf('python %s', shellescape(expand('%'))))

If you want to read the output in current buffer, use r!

:r! python %
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