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I was trying to perform password less login using ssh in perl. I am somehow stuck up with the following error message:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname : Name or service not known
lost connection

The following was a part of my code in the perl script that threw up this error:

system("scp isq\@\$dut_ip_addr\:\/home\/isq\/");

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Here is your problem:


Why are you escaping the dollar sign? That way, Perl will not interpolate that variable for you and scp will try to connect to $dut_ip_addr which will of course fail.

There are a couple more backslashes in your code that don't make much sense. I suggest, you do something like this:

$dut_ip_addr = "";
my $login    = "isq";
my $path     = "/home/isq/";
my $scp_command = sprintf 'scp %s@%s:%s', $login, $dut_ip_addr, $path;
system( $scp_command );
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You can use Net::OpenSSH and forget about all the bothersome quoting details:

use Net::OpenSSH;

my $ssh = Net::OpenSSH->new($dut_ip_addr, user => 'isq');
$ssh->scp_put('', '/home/isq/');
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