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The code for $('.button-up').click(function(){ // } is not being triggered. I cannot find the problem. Here is an online demo for what I'm trying to do.


    $('.description').animate({height: '80px'}, 400);
    $(this).html('виж повече');
    return false;
    var height = $('.description').css('height','auto').height() + 20; 
    $('.description').animate({height: height+'px'}, 400);
    $(this).html('виж по-малко');
    return false;
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You should be using event delegation and .on. The event handlers are being bound at the time of declaration, and so since the button-up class isn't assigned to the element when the handlers are being attached, nothing is being attached.

You should be able to do something like $("p.overlay").on("click", ".button-up", function(){..});. Attach the handler to any element in the buttons ancestry (document is always a safe bet) that isn't going to change and then use the selector to filter.

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Awesome, thanks for explaining what the problem was. :) –  Ivanka Todorova Jun 30 '13 at 14:34

That is because when you bind the click event with jquery click function there is no element has button-up class. So one way is using jquery on method or using toggle method to swith one state to an other continuously.

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