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I want to use sublime to write dart code. It has a dart plugin which can highlight the syntax, but can't format it.

I searched and found there is no plugin for sublime for now to format the dart code, so I want to find a command line tool, and invoke it from my sublime.

Is there such a tool?

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The dart team has started to work on a code formatter inside the Analyzer package but it's still a work in progress. You can have a look at the CodeFormatter class. You can also follow the corresponding issue : Dart formatter.

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This answer is not about a command line tool, but if you have WebStorm, there is a Dart plugin for it under Settings->Plugins.

After you have installed it, you can just open any file and press ctrl+shift+f to format it.

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for the command line: dartfmt: The Dart Code Formatter

In DartEditor this can now be done using the context menu inside the code window and choose 'Format' or just press Ctrl+Shift+r

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I wonder why not Ctrl+Shift+f. That way it could have been in line with standard eclipse shourtcuts. – Draško Kokić Mar 2 '14 at 20:37

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