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I am making a website that needs to access the Steam inventory of the user. I found an API to get Team Fortress 2 inventory, Dota 2, CS:S, CS:GO and Portal 2. But I didn't find any API for getting Steam inventory.

Is it possible in any way to access this inventory? Thank you!

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Steam Does not (yet) have an official API for looking at Steam Inventories. However, you CAN still get some limited information if the target has their profile permissions set appropriately.

You can view the resulting json files by using either of these two links for beta (and gift, if appropriate permissions are set) inventories<CUSTOMURL>/inventory/json/753/1<PROFILEID>/inventory/json/753/1

CUSTOMURL is the user friendly name the player has selected to use. This is changeable by the player at any time. If you are writing a web page, I assume you know how to get this piece of information, correct? PROFILEID is the 64Bit id that a player is given by Steam when you create the account. This is not changeable and it is returned by Steam when they log in using an OpenID implementation.

When using those URLs, there are a few possible responses. The first is if the user has their profile set to private.

{"success":false,"Error":"This profile is private."}

The second is a listing of "stuff" in the inventory

        {   "appid":"753",
        "name":"Steam Trading Card Beta",
            {"value":"Steam Trading Card Beta Access - Extra Copy"},
            {"value":"Grants early access to the Steam Trading Cards beta, game badges, and the new profile. Join the Steam Trading Cards Group and post your feedback in the Discussions area. Select \u201cAdd to my game library\u201d to activate."}
            {"name":"View in store","link":"http:\/\/\/tradingcards"}

If the URL is for YOUR ID and you are logged into Steam, you can also see items that are listed as Gift. Otherwise, those are hidden by default.

Since this isn't an official API, there isn't much documentation about this particular schema. However, it appears that the items in rgInventory are linked to items in the reDescriptions by classid. Writing the parser is left as an exercise for the reader.

These shows the beta accesses.

If you are looking for trading card information, change the 1 in the above URLs to a 6<CUSTOMURL>/inventory/json/753/6<PROFILEID>/inventory/json/753/6

The schema layouts appear to be the same for these.

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Just curious, how did you know this JSON data existed? How did you know about these links? Are they provided by Steam so users can manipulate their inventories? – Justin Liang Aug 27 '14 at 7:40
@JustinLiang Lots of poking at the Steam Services. There may be documentation now, but when I wrote this, it was poking at the web UI and seeing what made it tick. – Andy Aug 27 '14 at 13:10
Wow, what a great find then :P – Justin Liang Aug 27 '14 at 20:44
Hi, how do you handle Private Inventories? Is there no possible way to get it? I need to check the user's inventory if their items is Rare/Myth etc. – Sid Oct 17 '14 at 15:53
It is private. You don't get it, because they set it so that you can't. – Andy Oct 17 '14 at 16:14

Just to precise Andy's answer, the schema is:<PROFILEID>/inventory/json/<APPID>/<CONTEXTID>

App ID identifies the game/application this inventory is related to : here's the list.

Context ID filters the items, it varies from game to game.

Another thing: the items returned are uniquely identified by the classid-instanceid pair (source), so when you link them with their description, you should take both into account.

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