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I want to make a wiki, and i must assign for each url a view. Each url can contain letters (A-Z, a-z), digits and punctuation ('.', ',', '/', '-', '_'). How can I make the expression ?

I want something like this :

(r'^(?P<wiki_page>\w+)/$', 'www.wiki.views.page')

but this works only for letters, digits and '_'.

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Try this regexp:

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You could replace \w in the regex with a regex to match what you're looking for. Perhaps

(r'^(?P<wiki_page>[A-Za-z_/,\.-]+)$, 'www.wiki.views.page')

or similar.

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You forgot to include digits (0-9) –  harto Nov 16 '09 at 3:25

I think it's more of a regex question


you can build character classes on top of existing ones

I think you have to escape the dash, or put it last, because dash defines range of characters and you may get a very unexpected side-effect of dash.

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