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I need to know when a process terminates - knowing only it's PID. However, I also have the ability to modify the source of all processes involved, so theoretically I can do whatever I need. All "efficient" ideas are welcome.

Strategy 1:

I have researched select(), pselect(), poll(), ppoll(), epoll(). My understanding is that I will have to connect a socket for each process I want to monitor, in order to obtain a file descriptor. Then I would need to use a zero timeout value to actually poll the running processes to see if the socket was available for reading in order to know if it was alive or dead.

Strategy 2:

If I create multiple pipes between a monitoring daemon and other processes, can I write to a pipe, but never read on the other end and wait for and handle a SIGPIPE signal?


At this point, I am in favor of strategy 2, but I would like to ask the community for advice or pitfalls associated with this approach. Is my understanding of strategy 1 correct, with the assumption that I only want to know about the termination of a process and nothing else? Also, is my approach for strategy 2 too naive and will it consume system resources I am unaware of?

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Strategy 1 need only one socket to handle all the processes since the function you mentioned will do the multiplexing. – V_Maenolis Jun 30 '13 at 20:23
Are those child processes of the daemon or "unrelated" processes? – Martin R Jun 30 '13 at 20:27
Non-child - unrelated. – Zak Jun 30 '13 at 21:31
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Have your monitor create a Unix domain socket to which each of the monitored processes can connect. If you pass those socket descriptors to poll with no events set in the pollfd structures, you will receive POLLHUP events when one of the monitored processes exits and its socket is closed.

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