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Is there any library in gwt that will create grid chart, something similar to this : http://www.eyescience.com/images/vision/amsler_grid.gif.

Thank you.

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Look at the following url.I think google visualization api will be useful for your case(try Scatter chart).




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Hi, when i say grid chart its not for creating pie chart or bar chart. Its something like a background on which you can drop widgets(some like visio , dia etc have, white background with black lines). I thought it was called grid chart. I am sorry if that is wrong. Do you know anything similar to the one i am trying to describe for gwt? Thank you again. –  suprasad Nov 17 '09 at 4:44

If you are considering restricting yourself to browers that support Canvas, GWT has experimental support for that.


Here's a nifty demo:


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