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When I extend the SherlockFragmentActivity to my class, I don't find the onCreate() method in the list of the override/implement methods. Curiously, onDestroy() is present. Any suggestions guys?

This is the screenshot.

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It extends FragmentActivity, which does have onCreate() to override

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That list does not show you ALL the possible override methods. Only the ones that apply to package SherlockFragmentActivty. ActionbarSherlock does override quite a few things, depending on a lot different situation.

If you minimize SHerlockFragmentActivty in the override list. You will see

  • SherlockFragmeentActivty
  • Watson
  • FragmentActivty
  • Activty
  • etc

The one you need to look into is FragmentActivty that has the onCreate.

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My FragmentActivity doesn't have it. Neither does Activity. –  Justin Vartanian Jun 30 '13 at 22:08
That's quite odd. I am able to see it here. i.imgur.com/0TYdTpK.png –  Jerad Jun 30 '13 at 22:11
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