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TSQL query to select all records from Customer that has an Order and also select all records from customer that does not have an Order. The table Customer contains a primary key of CustomerID. The table Order contains a primary key of OrderID and a foreign key of CustomerID.

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I don't get it. Why sign up for the course if you're not going to go to class? –  Larry Lustig Nov 16 '09 at 1:45
So you only want customer records that have and don't have an order? –  wcm Nov 16 '09 at 14:41

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Something like

Select yourcustomerfields, yourorderfields
From Customer
Left join Orders on Customer.OrderID = Orders.OrderID
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I came up with this solutions.

Select CustomerName
from Customer
Where pk_CustomerID IN
Select fk_CustomerID from Orders
on Customer.pk_CustomerID=Orders.fk_CustomerID)

/* NOT IN instead of IN will give the other customers who doesn't have an Order */

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@jero: I am sorry but those pk_ and fk_ prefixes gotta go. –  Sung Nov 17 '09 at 4:59

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