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I'm doing some basic demos with javascript pages.

So I'm using github not only as a source control but also as a hosting provider

The thing is I'd like to work only on gh-pages branch, ot to have it automatically reflect my changes on master, whatever is easier and cleaner.

I tried to delete the master branch but it won't let me

$ git push origin --delete master
remote: error: refusing to delete the current branch: refs/heads/master
To git@github.com:opensas/geo-demo.git
! [remote rejected] master (deletion of the current branch prohibited)

I just want to have a single branch (master or gh-pages) and whatever I commit and push to it to appear in the github pages.

I though about just removing the master branchs but it's not possible.

Perhaps a hook to commit to gh-pages whatever I push to master??? can anybody help me with that?

What would be the best way to accomplish it?

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If you want to remove master from GitHub you have to go to GitHub and set gh-pages as your default branch. Only then can you delete master.

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silly question, thanks! it worked ok –  opensas Jul 1 '13 at 2:06

Try to set the "Default Branch" to "gh-pages" in your repo's settings page, then delete the master branch:

$ git push origin :master

It should works.

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