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Basically I want to write a chrome extension to inspect the text (related some kind of status) of an HTML element of a background tab (non-current tab) every a few seconds, and update the extension icon accordingly. Note that I have no control over that webpage. Is that possible to do that? I read a lot of the docs but could not find a way.

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It doesn't matter whether the page is background. Because extension works perpetually, therefore you don't really need to think about that.

If the problem you have is not knowing how to check a text of DOM element every few seconds, this can be done with setInterval,

var interval = setInterval(checkText, 10000): // Run checkText function every ten seconds
function checkText() {
    var el = document.getElementById("elementid");
    if (el.innerText.match(/the text you want to check/)) {
        chrome.browserAction.setIcon({path: iconPath2});

And don't forget to put this code into the content script.

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