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I am using this http://fancybox.net/

I have 2 DIVs: 1st open and 2nd hidden

In the first FancyBox, I want to run several things in callbackOnShow and then once done, it closes and opens the second hidden Fancybox. However I used $('a#div-2').trigger('click'); and it is not working. It seems that the FancyBox trigger won't allow within callbackOnShow. If I do that trigger when document ready, the second box shows.

Any help on how to solve this?

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Delay the opening - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1715986/how-do-i-open-one-fancybox-after-another-closes I might try to add a callback for when the fancybox FINISHES closing and submit it to fancybox. I'll let you know

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