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I have this rake task which reads a file.

desc "Dump with images."
task :dump_with_images => :environment do
  yaml_path = Rails.root + 'db/data.yml'

  # output: "" -- empty string

If I read and inspect the file from outside of the task,

yaml_path = Rails.root + 'db/data.yml'

desc "Dump with images."
task :dump_with_images => :environment do

It gives me some data:

zeromodulus@kosuna:~/projects/recipes$ rake dump_with_images
"\n---\nphotos:\n  columns:\n  - id\n  - created_at\n  - updated_at\n  - recipe_id\n  - image_file_name\

I don't understand why I can read the exact same file just outside of the task, but not in the task.

When I inspect yaml_path, they're both the same, and the file definitely has data in it.

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This should work. See – tamouse Jul 1 '13 at 3:31

It looks like I was opening a file stream and not closing it, and then later on in the code attempting to open that same file stream again.

I've wrapped the file reading code in a block,, "r") do |f|

Which has solved the problem.


The problem has resurfaced, even though I have opened/closed file streams properly. The problem probably lies elsewhere, but I couldn't figure it out, so I decided to abandoned yaml_db and just use the standard db/seeds.rb

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