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Enums that are marked with FlagsAttribute are not properly kept on client side. They are always a string, names separated by comma "," It should be an array so it would fit nice with ko` checked binding.

Besides it would be much easier to work with them. They should be serialzed (coerced) with comma when sent to the server only.

Have anyone found a solution?

Server side

public enum Vechicle : short
    None = 0,
    Bicycle = 1,
    Motorcycle = 2,
    Car = 4,
    OtherVehicle = 8,

Breeze, client side:

entity.OwnVechicle(["Car", "Bycle"])
// returns "Car,Bicycle" rather than ["Car", "Bicycle"]

When using this enum with ko checked binding it expects to be bound against an array not a string. see it here

The problem is that Breeze is always enforcing the values to be a concatenated string!

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Not sure I understand the question. Could you clarify? – Jay Traband Jul 1 '13 at 17:09
Just added more details on the question – Adaptabi Jul 2 '13 at 16:38

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