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It seems like in Play framework templates,

there is an implicit "@import models._" and "@import" because my code:

@(title: String)(myForm: Form[User])

<!DOCTYPE html>


works without having to put explicit import statements after the first line. This issue has been raised in the past:

What other classes/objects are implicitly imported?

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You're right, Play Framework automatically add some import statements to all templates.

You can find these "default imports" in the PlaySettings trait from Play source code :

If you need to, you can add some additional imports in the project settings defined in your Build.scala :

val main = PlayProject(appName, appVersion, appDependencies, mainLang = JAVA).settings( 
    templatesImport += "com.acme._"
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You can look up the file :

All those mentioned there are imported.

Additionally, templatesImport += "com.acme._" is enough in 2.2.X to import all the files from a package i.e. in the file build.sbt.

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As of Play 2.3 I use this line in build.sbt

TwirlKeys.templateImports ++= Seq("very.long.package._", "another.package._")
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