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I am creating a spine-rails application and have 2 coffeescript files in lib folder. I wanted to inherit a parent class in another coffeescript file but unable to do so.

#= require coffeescript_file_1

Above statement finds the target coffeescript file but cannot find the parent class.

I found this utlity: https://github.com/fairfieldt/coffeescript-concat

Just wanted to know if using it would be the correct way to find a parent class in a coffeescript file inside another file in a rails app.

I'm not using npm.

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You need to "export" the class. CoffeeScript uses an IIFE wrapper to avoid polluting the scope.

in your application.js :

#= require coffee_parent
#= require coffee_child

in your coffee_parent.js.coffee :

@Parent = class Parent
  doStuff: ->

in your coffee_child.js.coffee :

@Child = class Child extends @Parent
  doStuff: -> super 1
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