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I have 3 buttons on one View of UIViewController. On each button click event i called same picker view with different object values.

how to set the selection indicator on last object index for particular button.?

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- (void)selectRow:(NSInteger)row inComponent:(NSInteger)component animated:(BOOL)animated

Selects a row in a specified component of the picker view.


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In button click event you can make use of this.

  1. selectRow:inComponent:animated: - Helps you select particular row in the picker.

  2. numberOfRowsInComponent: - Returns the count of rows in the particluar component.

So inorder to select the last object index, you can make use of this.

[self.pickerView selectRow:[self.pickerView numberOfRowsInComponent:0] inComponent:0 animated:NO];
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You can do this using following snippet

[self.pickerView selectRow:MAX_VALUE inComponent:0 animated:NO];

where MAX_VALUE = total no. of rows in component - 1;

Enjoy Programming !!

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