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I have already installed Visual Studio 2010 Professional and i want to work on CodedUI test module for which i need to install VS 2010 Ultimate Edition then i install VS2010 Ultimate Edition on my pc.

After installing i am able to create CodedUI test case on my project . Assume we write a test case for open a browser from start menu , then generate code for test case and save it . Now when i run it , it will not open new browser .

I make another test case for interact with running calculation application , but when i run it test case , it will not interact with runnning application .

Would you tell me , what thing i am doing wrong or i need to give permission for allowing application to interact with Test Case.

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Are you getting any errors or exceptions thrown when you try to initialize the application or browser? – Dan Snell Jul 4 '13 at 4:07
No i am not getting any type of error . I found another issues when i run any test case unit/coded ui it status will remain pending , it will not change in processing . I am waiting for 2 h but still it is pending why ? It is not working ? test case state always pending ??? – Sushant Bhatnagar Jul 9 '13 at 4:12

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