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I am trying to read data from the excel and sort it in 2 dimensional arraylist. So that i can pass this array list to the function as parameter.

Could you please let me know how to create a 2 dimensional arraylist?

Working code would be of great help.

Example If i pass the "test1" as parameter to the readExcel(), It should return a 2 dimensional array list.

Thanks and Regards, Gajendra

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You can use

 List<List<String>> listOfLists = new ArrayList<List<String>>();

And then when you want to add a new "row", you can add new row like this.

listOfLists.add(new ArrayList<String>());

For more details of ArrayList

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You can create a List<List<String>> and read and write from it.

//Create List<List<String>>
int size = 10;
List<List<String>> list = new ArrayList<List<String>>();

for(int i=0; i<size; i++)
     list.add(new ArrayList<String>());  //Create the lists and add to the 2D list

You can then read and write values to the list as follows:

list.get(0).set(1, "Hello");  // Insert hello at (0,1)
String value = list.get(0).get(1);  // Get the value at (0,1)
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An ArrayList of ArrayList is something like this :

ArrayList<ArrayList<Object>> list = new ArrayList<>();

You can declare a List of List.

List<List<Object>> list;
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