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I am looking for a GUI library to design the interface for my application. Are there any libraries that work well with the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK?

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+1 I'm curious to hear what you chose in the end. On a side note, check my answer when you have the time. –  karlphillip Oct 11 '13 at 17:39

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Any GUI library that is available for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 or later and runs on Microsoft Windows 7 or later should work well.

If you want GUI that works both on Linux and Windows then for example Qt. It can be integrated with MSVC++.

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I strongly advise you to use QT framework. It is cross-platform and runs on the major desktop platforms.

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You can check my demo ipcQTgesture hosted at github.

The GUI is very simple and it is created with Qt. Even though Qt is cross-platform framework for building graphical applications, the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK is not, so for the moment we are stuck to Windows.

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