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I'm currently working on a project that requires integrations from iTunes, Google Play and Windows Phone Marketplace.

The objective is to pull back prices of games from these three sources, and the currency of the price depends on the language the page is in.

I have iTunes working fine, you pass in an ID and it uses the official Search API to pull back JSON which contains all the information I need. Now, I was wondering if anybody knows of an API similar to the iTunes Search API which can pull back data about an app, all I need is the price.

It would be preferable if this API were web-based, so that we can use the same pass in game ID, get app info system without too much change in the code.

This is currently halting my development on this particular part of our project, so I was hoping somebody could help out here.

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No. It may even be against the terms of service. There is an older 'API' that emulates the Android Market client or you can scrape the Web pages for the apps you are interested in.

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Thanks for the reply, Yeah I've been searching for a while and not found anything other than the AppAware API, which is close to what we need, but doesn't support multiple currencies. We may have to scrape the page if we can't find anything but right now I'm looking for a way to avoid that. –  Ben Wilson Jul 1 '13 at 8:57

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