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Please someone explain the difference in usage of 1.gpio_tlmm_config and 2.gpio_request + gpio_direction_input/gpio_direction_output.

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gpio_tlmm_config -"History"
gpio_request - "Static Configurations
gpio_direction_input - "Using GPIOs"
gpio_direction_output -"Using GPIOs"

gpio_tlmm_config is first-generation API for gpio configuration & multiplexing on msm while gpio_request a request which carries an implicit msm_gpiomux_get. gpio_direction_input & gpio_direction_output normally issue these calls from task context.

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Thanks for the reference. It is very clear. –  kzs Jul 3 '13 at 7:12
The last two links are broken –  Sagar Jain Jul 23 at 9:30

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