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Im scraping with simple html dom and would like to scrape div, span and img so I do:

$c = $html->find('div, span, img');
echo $c->outertext; 

This gives me the output as it is on the page, so the elements are mixed up as they appear on the scraped page: div img img img span span img div span etc.

Is there a way to get the output like the PHP statement? So first all the div and then all the span and last all the img without multiple calls to the PHP file of course.

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I just realized I could do "find() and echo" for every element but Im working with variables and would like to keep the "find" function as it is –  Youss Jul 1 '13 at 9:25

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foreach(array('div', 'span', 'img') as $name){
  $c = $html->find($name);
  echo $c->outertext;
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