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I'm quite new to Emacs and I've encountered with a problem. I want to set a register to a variable, my code is here:

(defvar org-file-location "")
(defvar system-name-as-string (prin1-to-string system-name))

(cond ((string-match "WIN-WORK" system-name-as-string)
           (setq org-file-location "~/../My Documents/Google Drive/Org"))

(set-register ?o '(file . org-file-location))

But when I try jump to register by a key sequence C-X r j o, I get a error: find-file-noselect: Wrong type argument: stringp, org-file-location. Does anyone know, there the problem is ? I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

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You're setting the register to a value that includes the symbol org-file-location, but you want its value as a variable.

Try this:

(set-register ?o (cons 'file org-file-location))

or, using the backquote syntax to interpolate values:

(set-register ?o `(file . ,org-file-location))
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It works. Thank you ! –  bvv Jul 1 '13 at 11:10

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