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I have richTextBox1, and here is the contents:

line one from my textbox is this, and i want this to be normal, arial, 8 point non-bold font

line two, i want everything after the | to be bolded... | this is bold

line three: everything in brackets i (want) to be the color (Red)

line 4 is "this line is going to be /slanted/ or with italics

and so on, basically if I know how to do what I mentioned above, I'll know everything I need to know to complete my project. Code examples would be very very much appreciated! :)

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To be clear, im talking WinForms here –  Xavier Nov 16 '09 at 5:01

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You have to set SelectionStart and SelectionLength to specify the text that you want to modify, and then set SelectionColor and SelectionFont to modify the selected text.


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