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I'm developing a WinForms application and i'm looking for free licencing component to protect her.

The scenario is simple (offline activation only) :

  1. Customer install our product then he provide me a request code from my application.
  2. We receive the request code and we send him a activate code.
  3. The customer enter the activate code and he can use fully the application.


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If it wasn't for the lack of research effort I'd be tempted to +1 this just for the "protect her" –  Sayse Jul 1 '13 at 10:08

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The main OSS licensing lib I've looked at is Rhino Licensing. There is a good WPF sample included too to get you started as well as an admin tool to generate the keys.

I don't think it is currently being maintained though, so that may be an issue for you.

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