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I have spent hours to solve this problem,but i didn't succeed. I am developing asp menu for the first time. Everything is fine,but when I hover the Menu item .highlighted css class gets added dynamically to the corresponding element. Here is my code:

<asp:Menu ID="Menu1" runat="server" StaticDisplayLevels="1" StaticSubMenuIndent="10" Orientation="horizontal" RenderingMode="List" CssClass="MenuClass">
       <asp:MenuItem Text="Dashboard" Target="" Value="Dashboard">
             <asp:MenuItem Text="Tasks" Value="Tasks"></asp:MenuItem>
              <asp:MenuItem Text="Call Backs" Value="Call Backs"></asp:MenuItem>

       <asp:MenuItem Text="Application" Value="Application">
              <asp:MenuItem Text="New" Value="New"></asp:MenuItem>
              <asp:MenuItem Text="View" Value="View"></asp:MenuItem>

This asp:menu in the webpage it is rendered as UL(unordered list) and LI(lists).

For the above code the html format rendered in the webpage is as follows:

<div class="MenuClass" id="Menu1" >
     <ul class="level1 static" role="menubar" >
       <li class="has-popup static" role="menuitem" >
          <a class="popout level1 static" href="#">Dashboard</a>
           <ul class="level2 dynamic" style="display:none">
              corresponding lists:  TASKS and CALLBACKS

        Viceversa the ul and li for the Application MENUITEM are rendered as html 

In this what I need is, When I hover the menu Dashboard the sub menuitems Tasks and Call Backs will be shown, because the style for the UL with the class level2 dynamic changes to display:block. At the same time, a class named as highlighted is added dymanically to the tag and the class name becomes class="popout level1 static highlighted" and also automatically by the asp:menu functionality. When the mouse leaves the Dashboard menu the added highlighted class gets removed dynamically and automatically. I didn't know how the highlighted class gets added into the tag. My problem is to stop adding the highlighted class dynamically into the tag, because I need to keep the style for the corresponding ul tag in the level2 as display:block.

When highlighted class is added, the style for the ul with the class name*level2 dynamic* changes into display:block. But when the mouse leaves from the menu, it becomes as display:none.

In my project I have to keep the selected menu and its submenu as display:block until the another menu is clicked.

I have used JQUERY to make the submenus to be display:block for the selected menu.

I need to know how to stop or prevent adding the highlighted class to the a tag. I think we can achieve it through jquery.

 $(document).ready(function () {

    if ($(".popout").hasClass("selected")) {
         $("a.popout.level1.selected.static").next("ul").css("display", "block");

    if ($(".popout").hasClass("highlighted")) {

     $("a.popout.level1.selected.static.hihglighted").mouseout(function () {
                $("a.popout.level1.selected.static.highlighted").next("ul").css("display", "block");
                if ($("a.popout.level1.selected.static.highlighted").next("ul").css("display", "none")) {
                    $(".test").css("display", "block");

Here when the mouse leaves the menu, the highlighted class removed dynamically the css for the ul gets automatically as display:none, even as I had set it to be display:block it fails to be block. It displays none. So the addition of highlighted class is the worry on this case.

SO I have to stop the addition of the highlighted class to the anchor tag, so that the style will not be changed.

The adding of highlighted class didn't make any worries, but if it removes, the ul style becomes as display:none. I don't know why...?

Please help me on these issues..

Thanks in advance...:)

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try to find where this class is added/removed instead of searching for a 'kind of workaround'... But sorry, i don't know ASP –  A. Wolff Jul 1 '13 at 10:14
@roasted Thanks for your Quick reply. I am working with Jquery and what I need is, how to stop the highlighted class from adding. Is there any ideas for that...? Thanks in advance...:) –  RajeshKannan Jul 1 '13 at 10:19
@user2309770: you need to show your jquery code. –  defau1t Jul 1 '13 at 10:53
@defau1t when I select a menu, the class names becomes as <a class=popout level1 selected static></a>, here the selected class gets added for the selected menuitem. I am finding the selected menu eith this selected class in the popout class. I'm editing my code for jquery. –  RajeshKannan Jul 1 '13 at 11:01
@defau1t I have included my jquery code. Please see that and advise me on that issue. –  RajeshKannan Jul 1 '13 at 11:11

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I have done this simple animation with that code :

        $("ul.level1 li a").mouseenter(function () {
            var ulhight = $(this).next("ul").height();
            $(this).next("ul").css({  "height": "0px", "overflow": "hidden" });
            $(this).next("ul").animate({ height: ulhight }, 300)
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