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I'm getting an error when trying to emulate an YUI Anim sample:

<script src=""></script>
   YUI().use('anim-base', function(Y){
      var anim =  new Y.Anim({
         node: '.notice',
         to: {height: 300},
         easing: Y.Easing.backIn

      onClick = function(e){

      Y.get('.notice').on('click', onClick);

The error is:

Y.Easing is undefined easing: Y.Easing.backIn\r\n

I was under the impression that YUI loader would retrieve the needed files.

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I got my answer from the YUI Library forum which I will quote:

YUI will load listed modules a their requirements automatically, however, it will not do any kind of full-fledged feature detection to discover if something else have been used.

You need to change the module list in your use statement from anim-base to anim (or add anim-easing). Then your example will work. -Stefan

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Adding anim-easing, in this case, seems like the right answer -- use() just the submodules you need. Stefan is correct, though: You need to list all the submodules that you're depending on directly in your implementation.

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Whoa, reading about myself in third-person on StackOverflow is weird. :) / Stefan – stpe Nov 17 '09 at 8:36
haha. Thanks Stefan for the answer on the forums :) – Thorpe Obazee Nov 19 '09 at 3:10

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