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I'm developing a plugin for Redmine and encountered an issue of how to implement plugin specific settings in Redmine in the most neat way.

Is it possible to have a plugin specific settings in {redmine_home}/plugin/{my_plugin}/config/settings.yml while sharing with a core a model (in MVC terms) logic which reads YAML file, sets attributes of the model class, provides easy access to them, etc. ({redmine_home}/app/models/setting.rb)

I think copypasting or require'ing the core model in the plugin model is definitely a poor design so right now i'm tending to have a plugin specific settings in the core config {redmine_home}/config/settings.yml and when it comes to plugin controller to read a settings it relies on the core model to do that. ({redmine_home}/app/models/setting.rb)

Is this a proper design? Is there any better ways to do this?


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I just checked 3 different plugins in our project all used something like:

options = YAML::load(, 'plugins/fancy_plugin/config', 'settings.yml')))

So just copy pasting.

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