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I am using WSO2 Identity Server 4.1.0 to perform basic authentication. It is possible to call the AuthenticationAdmin webservice, which contains a 'loginWithRememberMeOption'. The user will then obtain a 'rememberMeCookie', with which he can log in, even if his session (JSESSION) has expired.

I have learned that the loginWithRememberMeOption also has a timeout: 7 days, and that this time cannot be modified: WSO2 Authentication, adding/modifing timeout to the RememberMe cookie

The AuthenticationAdmin service also provides a 'logout' operation. Unfortunately, this operation will only invalidate the session. So if a user has a rememeberMeCookie, he will still be able to login: WSO2 AuthenticationAdmin Logout

The question is, how do I logout a user that has obtained a rememeberMeCookie? Preferably using the AuthenticationAdmin?

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As I understand there is no direct way to logout a user with a remember me cookie.

I went through the code. Once you login with remember me option, a UUID is generated. Refer, String, String) method in AuthenticationAdmin

The cookie is then saved in database. When you login with remember me cookie, the cookie is checked from the user store. Refer org.wso2.carbon.user.api.UserStoreManager.isValidRememberMeToken(String, String). You can check the JDBC implementation.

So, in order to logout, you might have to clear the cookie from the user store.

Please report a JIRA issue, if you think it might be useful to add a method to clear the cookie.

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