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From the title you can see like, this problem had been discussed in past. I have taken the earlier posts as reference and tried to print the bitmap image on Zebra label printer. I am not able to print the image that i am looking for. Please dont ignore as it was discussed.

Please view code snippet mentioned below:

private string TestImage()
        string filepath = Application.StartupPath + "\\ImageSymbols\\CSA.bmp";

        byte[] bitmapFileData = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(filepath);
        int fileSize = bitmapFileData.Length;

        // Retrieve the image.
        Bitmap image1 = new Bitmap(filepath, true);

        //Siva - Not in use
        Rectangle rect1 = new Rectangle(0, 0, image1.Width, image1.Height);
        System.Drawing.Imaging.BitmapData bmpData1 =
        image1.LockBits(rect1, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageLockMode.ReadWrite,

        //Gets the height and width of the bitmap file
        int bitmapDataHeight = image1.Height;
        int bitmapDataWidth = image1.Width;

        //Gets the size of the bitmap file
        long bitmapDataFileSize = new FileInfo(filepath).Length;

        //Gets the size of the bitmap file in integer
        int bitmapDataFileSizeInt = Convert.ToInt32(bitmapDataFileSize);

        //Gets the bitmap offset data in bytes. 
        byte[] test = bitmapFileData.Skip(10).Take(1).ToArray();

        //assigns the bitmap offset data to a array value
        byte bitmapDataOffset = test[0]; // i am getting offset value = 62

        //changes the bitmap offset data to a integer value
        int bitmapDataOffsetInt = Convert.ToInt32(bitmapDataOffset);

        //gets the bitmap data file size by subtracting the file size with the bitmap offset data size
        int bitmapDataSize = bitmapDataFileSizeInt - bitmapDataOffset;

        //int width = 80;
        //int height = 80;
        int bitsPerPixel = 1; // Monochrome image required!
        //int bitmapDataLength = 8160;

        double widthInBytes = Math.Ceiling(bitmapDataWidth / 8.0);

        // Copy over the actual bitmap data from the bitmap file.
        // This represents the bitmap data without the header information.
        byte[] bitmap = new byte[bitmapDataSize];
        Buffer.BlockCopy(bitmapFileData, bitmapDataOffset, bitmap, 0, bitmapDataSize);

        // Invert bitmap colors
        for (int i = 0; i < bitmapDataSize; i++)
            bitmap[i] ^= 0xFF;

        // Create ASCII ZPL string of hexadecimal bitmap data
        string ZPLImageDataString = BitConverter.ToString(bitmapFileData);
        ZPLImageDataString = ZPLImageDataString.Replace("-", string.Empty);

        string str = "";
        return str = "^XA^FO100,100^GFA," + //At Postion 100, 100
            bitmapDataSize.ToString() + "," +     // Total bytes of data to be placed
            bitmapDataSize.ToString() + "," +     // Total bytes of data to be placed, repeats as per API
            widthInBytes + "," + //
            ZPLImageDataString + "^XZ";

With the above sample code i am not able to print the bitmap image on Zibra label printer. And i dont want to use the Zebra net bridge to convert the bmp to GRF image type.

Can any one suggest me on where i am making the mistake? Is the way i am getting the offset value wrong? (Current its 62, dont know for my image its correct or not. can anyone suggest me the formula to find the bitmap image offset value)

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You can download the Zebra SDK here which has a library function to do this conversion and printing. There's a few phases it needs to go thru, dithering to get to 1-bit-per pixel black and white needs to happen first, and then resizing/scaling, then finally creating the ZPL for it. The SDK does all this stuff for you...

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Hi Tisler, thanks for your reply. –  siva Rapolu Jul 2 '13 at 12:03
I tried to use the Zebra SDK, where i was facing problem on importing unmanaged dlls (Not able to extract the methods for those dlls, thirdparty tool restrictions). Is there any other way where i can modify the code so that i can resolve the problem of printing the bitmap image on RZ400 label printer. How can i do the scaling for given image? please help me in this. –  siva Rapolu Jul 2 '13 at 12:06
I could able to print with the Help of Multiplatform SDK but the that wont solve my probelm as i have to prepare the ZPL command. As you commented that it my C# solution needs some scaling, can you please help me in solving that. –  siva Rapolu Jul 22 '13 at 5:54

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