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We have a setup of server and windows mobile device as a client. In server CSI script ready to accept single file from client.

In Desktop we have use WebClient.UploadFile method to upload file to server, but in windows mobile this isn't implemented, till now we haven't found any alternative method to achieve same.

Thanks in advance. Ramanand

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When using the .NET Compact Framework, you can use System.Net.HttpWebRequest instead of WebClient, which isn't supported on .NET CF.

Since WebClient is implemented on top of HttpWebRequest, you can do everything with HttpWebRequest that you can with WebClient, albeit with more code.

For example, to download the contents of a URL into a string, you can use this code:

    HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)HttpWebRequest.Create(url); 
    string html; 
    using (var r = request.GetResponse().GetResponseStream()) 
        using(var r2 = (TextReader)new StreamReader(r)) 
            html = r2.ReadToEnd(); 
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You should be able to use the method in this post, you could maybe do some refactoring to fit your purpose better.

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