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I'm trying to built up a small webpage, which is based on 3d boxes. This page will be scrollable, and i want the vanishing point to stay fixed in the middle, so when I scroll the 3d boxes should change their look dynamically. The only result I was able to get is this:

In this Version the vanishing point stays at the starting point, and when i scroll the boxes stay the same.

EDIT: JS did the job. I used the OnScroll event to check the scroll position and re-setting the Perspective-Origin. Let me know if there's a better solution!

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My solution was that I reset the vanishing-point every time the user scrolls.

$(window).scroll(function() {
    var scrollloaction = $(document).scrollTop();   
    var vanishingpoint = scrollloaction + window.innerHeight / 2;
    $("#wrapper").css('-webkit-perspective-origin', ' 50% ' + vanishingpoint + 'px');
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