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If you want to perform any task at computer startup or based on an event this is very helpful


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I have two questions:

1) I want some specific commands to be executed when I start command prompt.

e.g. cls to clear my command prompt.

2) I want to execute some commands in a batch file and wait for the user to enter new commands (if any).

e.g. A batch file which will take the user to some specified folder and then wait for the user to rename/delete a file from the command prompt.

How can I do it?

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If you want a defined set of commands to run every time you start a command prompt, the best way to achieve that would be to specify an init script in the AutoRun registry value. Create it like this (an expandable string value allows you to use environment variables like %USERPROFILE%):

reg add "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor" /v AutoRun ^
  /t REG_EXPAND_SZ /d "%"USERPROFILE"%\init.cmd" /f

Then create a file init.cmd in your profile folder:

@echo off

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Sorry for the noob type of question. I should have given it a li'l more thought. I found my answer. I should use /K switch using which I can enter a new command on the opened command prompt.

e.g. cmd /K cls will open a command prompt for me and clear it. (Answer for question 1)


cmd /K MyBatchFile.bat will start command prompt, execute the batch file and stay on the command prompt and will not exit. (Answer for question 2).

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  1. Make a shortcut
  2. Go to the properties
  3. The bit where it says: C:\Users\<Your username>\Desktop\cmd.exe, you put: -cmd /K <your command here>

e.g. C:\Users\Lewis\Desktop\cmd.exe -cmd /K color 1f

This is the way to launch 1 command without having to mess about with the reg.

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Tnx. Works great on XP :) –  Davidenko Apr 30 at 7:56

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