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Hi I'm using Savon to access some web services.

I'm using this code:

    wsdl: "WebService.wsdl",
    env_namespace: "S",
    convert_request_keys_to: :camelcase

response=client.call(:send_doc)  do
      Attr1: "123",
      Attr2: "ABC")

How do I get the request text sent to server?

Regards Fak

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This isn't possible with stable versions of Savon. However, you can get the request using version 3 of Savon (see the Savon website for installation instructions and more detail). Example from the site:

client = Savon.new('http://example.com?wsdl')
operation = client.operation(service_name, port_name, operation_name)
operation.build # returns SOAP request

You could also monkeypatch Savon methods or set up a custom debugger to get this information with your current Savon version. See these StackOverflow answers for more information:

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