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I want to get/set selectOneMenu value from/to map, so, I use next code xhtml:

<h:panelGroup id="productFilters">
<ui:repeat id="repeatSelectOneMenu"
<h:selectOneMenu id="productFiltersSelector"
    <f:selectItem value="#{null}" itemLabel="#{commonBundle.all}"/>
    <f:selectItems value="#{filterBean.productLists[key]}"/>

<a4j:jsFunction name="executeProductSelector"


public Map<Integer, String> getTmp() {
    return tmp;
public void setTmp(Map<Integer, String> tmp) {
    this.tmp = tmp;

public Map<Integer, List<String>> getProductLists() {
    return productLists;
public void setProductLists(Map<Integer, List<String>> productLists) {
    this.productLists = productLists;

public List<Integer> getProductKeys() {
    return new ArrayList<>(getProductLists().keySet());

but, when I execute and, then, rerender it, value change to previous. In details: suppose productKeys have just key 0 and productLists[0] contains several strings ("apple", "orange", "banana"). At current time we select "orange", then we try to choose "all". After rerender I see "orange" again and tmp[0] contain "orange" too. If I change it to "apple", everything will be ok. My question: how can I set null to tmp[key]?

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you can not assign null value to SelectItem. if you assign it from backingbean it will raise rendering issue. but you can do it by

<h:selectOneMenu id="productFiltersSelector"
    <f:selectItem value="-1" itemLabel="#{commonBundle.all}"/>
    <f:selectItems value="#{filterBean.productLists[key]}"/>

so whenever you select 'All' option, it will return -1.

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Thanks for your replay. This behaviour sad and strange. If we will use simple object instead of map in selectOneMenu, null set without any problem. Anyway. If I use value="-1" in selectItem, I catch an error, but with itemValue everything is ok. Thanks again for this workaround. –  hr6134 Jul 2 '13 at 8:44

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