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I am running into an issue deploying a website. Shadow copy is turned off after previous deployment issues with it and deploying the site.

Specifically at deploy time I find that even after copying app_offline.htm and verifying that the site/application is offline, the files in bin/*.dll are often locked.

With shadow copy off I would still expect the locks on the dll's to be free'd when the appdomain is unloaded on app_offline.htm appearance.

I have tried deploying a temporary web.config found on Stack Overflow which aims to prevent changes (to bin/) being picked up immediately just before I try to delete the contents of bin/ I even pause for 10s after copying the new web.config.

?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <httpRuntime waitChangeNotification="300"
    <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true"  />

I have confirmed with the handles util that my application pool (w3wp.exe process) is the holder of a lock on the dlls so am assuming this is the reason why I cannot delete/overwrite the files. If i manually recycle the app pool it frees it up and I am able to deploy just fine. Unfortunately as part of the deploy process copying the app_offline and changing the web.config are possible but performing IIS appcmd recycles are not (for permissions/group policy reasons) so I really need to be able to free up this lock with just app_offline.htm and the web.config.

Turning shadow copy back on does 'solve' this particular issue but if a lock is still held on the dll. However I wonder / and concerned if I am just postponing the problem. Unless the lock on the old dll is free'd when the appdomain is loaded again?

When copying the app_offline.htm the w3wp process id doesn't change like it does with a hard recycle but I assume it is unloading the appdomain which should free the bin/ files it has locked.

Another interesting point is that this only appears to happen on our production servers, I cannot recreate it locally or on our dev/staging sites. I don't believe there is any config difference with the app_pools or IIS config but could this possible cause this behavior.

Also to clarify shadowCopyBinAssemblies has been set to false for over 3 years without this problem happening (same deploy process) so I really feel like something that happened recently caused this, but I have no idea what.

Thanks for any ideas on how to solve this or even what might be causing it.

(I believe the server is IIS7 or 7.5)

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