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I am trying JASidePanels with Kiwi, and got following error:

failed: 'Root side panel controller, wants to show left panel, shows left panel' [FAILED], expected subject to equal 2, got 1

I think I must made some obvious mistake but could not figure out where. Could any one give me some hints? Thanks in advance.

#import "Kiwi.h"
#import "JASidePanelController.h"
#import "UIViewController+JASidePanel.h"


describe(@"Root side panel controller", ^{

    __block JASidePanelController *sidePanelController;

        sidePanelController = [[JASidePanelController alloc] init];

    context(@"wants to show left panel", ^{

            [sidePanelController showLeftPanelAnimated:YES];

        it(@"shows left panel", ^{
            [[theValue(sidePanelController.state) should] equal:theValue(JASidePanelLeftVisible)];

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The problem is that your setup code (initializing sidePanelController and sending showLeftPanelAnimated:) are not inside blocks as part of beforeEach or similar functions. See this answer to a similar Kiwi question for details.

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Thanks @esker, could you have a look at the updated code? Getting the same error. –  ThinkChris Jul 2 '13 at 1:49
Updated code looks good, that's the correct way to use Kiwi now. The problem might have to do with showing the left panel with animated = YES. Perhaps when animated = YES, sitePanelController.state is not immediately set to JASidePanelLeftVisible, but only does so asynchronously after animation completes? You could try two things: try showLeftPanelAnimated:NO but leave the expectation in the it block the same. Or, leave animated = YES and change the expectation to [[expectFutureValue(theValue(sidePanelController.state)) shouldEventually] equal:...]. –  esker Jul 2 '13 at 2:53

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