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I am trying to buil firefox search plugin something like instantfox. I already have it working in search bar with my search engine image. This is my first attempt so I am not sure how I can do this and google did not help me point in a right direction.

  1. Is it possible to create search plugin that will work for both address bar and search bar. If yes then how I can do that? is there any properties in bootstrap file that I have to mention?
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Depends on what you consider a "search plugin that work for both address bar and search bar"...

Starting with Firefox 23, the address bar will use the selected search engine for non-urls. See bug 738818. Before Firefox 23, this was controlled by the keyword.URL preference.

Also there are special bookmarks for keyword searches.

Lastly, you may implement nsIAutoCompleteSearch in an add-on and set the address-bar to use your implementation.

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