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I'm using Infinite Scroll plugin in a (I know it is unrecommended http://isotope.metafizzy.co/docs/help.html#infinite_scroll_with_filtering_or_sorting), Infinite Scroll + Isotipe Filtering combination.

Now sometimes happend that after i run my filter, if I get an empty list i manually trigger infinite scroll to load more elements.

$('.items').isotope({ filter: filter }, function( $items ) {
    var id = this.attr('class'),
    len = $items.length;
    if (len == 0){getElement();}

Here is my function that load elements, but it seems that the callback is not working.

function getElement(){

Unfortunally Infinite Scroll documentation is not the best for manual trigger (it suggest a not-working way to call it - $(document).trigger('retrieve.infscr'); i found the solution here: infinite scroll manual trigger) so I'm a little bit stucked here.

Any suggestion?

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